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This Land Abounds With Life BIOPHOLIO™

from Fabian Almazan

(English, Español, 日本語, Français, Deutsche, Nederlands)

The Biopholio™ is a two-sided, 20-panel origami-inspired medium, bursting with vibrant artwork and liner notes; each one made entirely out of FSC-certified, robust paper, hand-folded and printed using plant-based inks. There is NO Compact Disk (CD) or plastic in this product.

Found inside each Biopholio™ is a unique code for the listener to digitally download the music in hers/his preferred format (high CD-quality, uncompressed WAV files, et cetera...)

This innovative design caters to the environmentally-conscious listener, who is aware of the harmful effects of plastic in the environment, yet feels that a digital download is just not enough. With your purchase, you are supporting the future of this music and the artists who create it with the added bonus of receiving a tangible piece of original album artwork that you can proudly cherish for years to come.

1. Benjamin
2. The Everglades
3. The Poets
4. Ella
5. Songs of the Forgotten
6. The Nomads
7. Jaula
8. Bola de Nieve
9. Folklorism
10. Uncle Tío
11. Pet Steps Sitters Theme Song
12. Music On My Mind

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Fabian Almazan New York, New York

Born in Cuba, raised in Miami, living in Harlem. Pianist, composer, film composer, nature lover & electronic music stuff manipulator.
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